Team nadia
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March 11 will mark seven years from the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 2011. nadia, born from the aftermath of the disaster, will also soon turn seven. Last year we made changes to our teikan (organization contract) to expand the scope of our activities - in addition to our continued work in Tohoku, our activities include providing support for organizations helping epilepsy sufferers or pediatric cancer patients. These activities of nadia are funded solely through your contributions.

今年の3月11日で東日本大震災から7年が経ちます。震災を機に設立したnadiaももうすぐ7歳になり、 昨年は定款を変更しその活動範囲を広げ、東北の支援のみならず、てんかんや小児がん患者の団体の支援なども行なっています。nadiaの運営は全て皆様からの寄付金により成り立っています。